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(AP) NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A person who legally possesses a gun would not have it seized during periods of martial rule under a proposal that has been signed into law by the governor.

The measure was signed by Gov. Phil Bredesen on Thursday and takes effect immediately.

Sponsors say martial rule is the same as martial law at the federal level. They say the law is necessary after law enforcement in New Orleans went door to door seizing weapons in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Republican Sen. Jack Johnson of Brentwood, one of the sponsors, has said he doesn’t expect such behavior in Tennessee, but believes legislation should be in place just in case.

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In just 3 months Americans bought enough guns to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian army’s combined.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto WWII

You also bought 1,529,635,000 rounds of ammunition in just the month of December 2008. Yeah that is right, that is Billion with a “B”. This number takes no accounting of reloading or reloaded ammunition.



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Propane is an interesting fuel.  Unlike Gasoline or Diesel, its CLEAN burning, it never goes bad, and its safe to keep around.  Its also a dandy way of getting your steaks from raw to mmm mmm good.I have several propane devices.  BBQ grill, turkey cooker, infared heater, and generator.   Since I have all these items, I have a bunch of propane tanks.  In my hurricane prep work this weekend, I tried to sort out what tanks were full, and which were not.

In this process I learned:

Every tank will have “tare weight” stamped into it, indicating how much is weighs, empty.

A standard bbq grill tank, aka a 20 pound tank, weighs about 37 pounds, full.  It weighs about 17 pounds, empty.I (somehow) have 3 tanks that weigh 21 pounds.

I can’t go get this refilled and just pay for 16 pounds of propane.  Its an all or nothing deal with a fill of this size. Same goes if you do a Blue Rhino swap out.

It would be ideal to have a pump, and transfer the propane from tank to tank.  To good to be true. They are to expensive to make it worth buying one, even though it looks very simple… The Krug Pump, has been around for 50 years.


Current Inventory:
8 – 20 pound
1 – 40 pound
1 – 100 pound


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I think I like these rules, when can we get them here?



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The Gerber Kick Axe is not what you use to open Gerber baby food. It’s a more portable, foldable way of having an axe on you at all times, for things like: Chopping wood, terrorizing a camp while wearing a hockey mask, disposing of bodys, and more chopping wood.

A typical horror movie scene with the old school un-foldable axe goes something like this: Killer approaches victim(slowly) with a very obvious axe in one hand. Victim runs. Crappy music and a crappy chase follow, until he hacks he/her/they up. With the new and improved axe, that same scene goes like this: Killer approaches victim(slowly), with no obvious weapon in hand. He certainly doesn’t have an axe, because axes are long and obvious. Victim does not run. Killer smiles. Hey. Hi. What’s up? Killer unfolds his axe and get’s his victim. You see what happened there? This gadget/weapon has completely done away with the chase scene with the bad music and by doing so has cut every bad horror movie down to just 30 minutes. Awesome.

Gerber’s Kick Axe is $90. This lightweight, folding axe features a Metal Bodied frame with hardcore Black Oxide coating, and folds up like a knife for easy and safe carrying and storage.


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CANDLER – Sheriff’s deputies say a 25-year-old Summerfield man accused of burglarizing a home didn’t get very far, as the homeowner retrieved his .45-caliber handgun and held the man at gunpoint until they arrived.

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James Day
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Calvin Crews told deputies on Wednesday he was at his residence in the 10000 block of Southeast 108th Terrace Road when he heard someone calling his name. Crews said he looked outside and saw 25-year-old James Lazarus Wayne Day running toward a truck, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

Crews said he got his gun and returned to the window. He said Day drove the truck up to the front porch, ran inside the home, went to a bedroom and removed a five-gallon jug that was filled with about $600 in change.

Crews then held the man at gunpoint and called deputies, according to the report. When they arrived, Crews came out of the home with his gun and told authorities what had happened.

Entering the home, deputies found Day kneeling on the floor next to the five-gallon jug of change. Day told them he went to Crews’ home to ask for a job. He said he had just stuck his head in the door when Crews pulled a gun on him.

Officials said Day used to work for Crews.

Day was then arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail where he was charged with residential burglary and grand theft.


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TAMPA, FL — A Tampa woman refused to be a carjacking victim when she was approached by an armed man who jumped into her car on Thursday.

The woman, who only wants to be identified as Adrianna, pulled out her own gun.  “I just leaned forward and punched him in the forehead with my gun,” she said.  The man “screamed like a girl and almost dropped his gun” as he ran away, she added.
Tampa Police have arrested one suspect so far in what they see as a pattern of carjackings.  A-Keem Carr was arrested on related charges, but two others are believed to be preying on motorists in the Westshore area.

So far, two carjackings and four attempted carjackings have occurred over the last two weeks.   In one case, a man from Land O’ Lakes was pumping gas when an armed suspect approached demanding the car keys.

The man refused because his 6-month-old son was still in his car seat and the suspect took off.

Another incident involved a woman who was closing her business when she was approached by an armed man who took her van.  Her credit cards were used at a business in St. Petersburg and the van was found later along 39th Street in St. Petersburg.  A. Keem Carr was charged in that crime.

Other carjacking attempts included a woman standing next to her car in the Regency Apartments when she was approached but she screamed and scared off the bandit.

Adrianna was pulling into the International Mall when the armed man jumped in her car.  She talked about defending herself.  “I didn’t want to have to shoot…anyway over a car.  But if it was going to be him or me…”

Tampa Police warn the suspects are becoming more aggressive and may be prone to violence.


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ST. PETERSBURG – A homeowner confronted a burglar this morning, smashing the intruder across the face with the butt end of a shotgun, St. Petersburg police said.

The burglar, identified by police as Justin Masse, 22, at first fled, then turned around and started toward homeowner Michael Lowry, a U.S. Navy veteran, police said. That’s when Lowry fired a shell in the ground, and Masse ran off, police said.

A newspaper delivery person spotted Masse unconscious two blocks away in a front yard, police said. Masse received stitches and was eventually transported to the Pinellas County Jail on a charge of residential burglary, police said.

The attempted break-in occurred about 4 a.m. at Lowry’s home, in the 5000 block of Second Avenue South, police said. Lowry spotted Masse in his detached garage and confronted Masse with the 12-gauge shotgun.

During a fight that followed, Masse was struck in the face with the butt of the weapon, apparently considered continuing the struggle and then ran off before falling unconscious, police said.


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Tennessee Follows Montana’s Lead, Files Bill to Remove Federal Gun Laws From Firearms Produced and Sold in the State

Tennessee legislators are considering a law that would tell the federal government that their gun laws don’t apply to guns manufactured and sold within the state.

It’s called the “Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act.”

It basically exempts guns made and sold in Tennessee from federal regulation, because they never cross the state line.“If these firearms are meant to be used just here in Tennessee, they’re not properly regulated by the federal government because they are not in interstate commerce,” says Rep. Fincher.

“Your state, and I suspect every state, will be rushing to try to do something to preserve the rights of their people,” says Ronnie Barrett with Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

Montana’s state body passed the bill, and Governor Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, signed it into law.

Texas is trying to pass the same thing.

Here’s the problem, and if you don’t know about this, sit down because it will make you dizzy in disbelief. A product manufactured in a state does not have to leave the state to be part of interstate commerce. It doesn’t even have to be sold.

I’ll give you a minute to digest that before I show you why that is law.

The case in question is Wickard v. Filburn. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 limited the area that farmers could plant wheat on, because they thought doing that would help stabilize the markets. A gentlemen named Roscoe Filburn grew more wheat than the government said he could, but his wheat was for his farm. He never sold it and it never crossed state lines. It didn’t leave his farm.

The Supreme Court ruled against him. It said that if he hadn’t grow his own wheat, he would have had to buy it. Therefore, his lack of purchasing wheat on the open market did have an effect on interstate commerce. That ruling gives Congress the power to regulate “wholly intrastate, non-commercial activity if such activity, viewed in the aggregate, would have a substantial effect on interstate commerce, even if the individual effects are trivial.”

This case has been used to prosecute people growing medical marijuana as recently as 2005, in Gonzales v. Raich. It will be used to swat down these uppity states and their ideas of liberty.


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Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia). The following risk factors can either cause hyperuricemia or make joints more susceptible to the formation of uric acid crystals:

So, lets see how many of these fit me…

  • Being male, yep
  • Family history of gout, not so much
  • Obesity, yep
  • Moderate, regular, or heavy consumption of alcohol, especially beer. Wow one that doesn’t apply.
  • A diet rich in meat and seafood, which can be high in purines, yep
  • Use of medicines that remove salt and water from the body (diuretics), yep
  • Regular use of aspirin (more than 1 or 2 aspirin tablets a day), yep
  • Frequent episodes of dehydration, yep
  • Acute illness or infection, yep
  • Lead exposure (may occur through work, diet, or hobbies), yep,. ooops
  • Very low-calorie diets, yep
  • Injury to a joint, yep

Looks like I’m screwed….