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Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia). The following risk factors can either cause hyperuricemia or make joints more susceptible to the formation of uric acid crystals:

So, lets see how many of these fit me…

  • Being male, yep
  • Family history of gout, not so much
  • Obesity, yep
  • Moderate, regular, or heavy consumption of alcohol, especially beer. Wow one that doesn’t apply.
  • A diet rich in meat and seafood, which can be high in purines, yep
  • Use of medicines that remove salt and water from the body (diuretics), yep
  • Regular use of aspirin (more than 1 or 2 aspirin tablets a day), yep
  • Frequent episodes of dehydration, yep
  • Acute illness or infection, yep
  • Lead exposure (may occur through work, diet, or hobbies), yep,. ooops
  • Very low-calorie diets, yep
  • Injury to a joint, yep

Looks like I’m screwed….


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Diet Bet Status April 1, no, this isn’t an April fools anything

April 1 weigh in was overall  very good.

Rob has lost 45 pounds, or 13.04% and has 44.4 pounds remaining.

RJ has lost 45 pounds, or 15.10% and has 29.7 pounds remaining.

Now Pay attention here to THESE numbers.,

Yes, I’m a little behind in the race, but:

I was able to loose 25 pounds during the month of March, while RJ lost only 8.2 pounds.

If we kept this same rate of loss going, I would win on about may 16th.  This gives me a goal.


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Well Monday at 11am was the Weigh-in for our own little in house biggest looser contest. This month its just Blake and myself. I’m sure Jan will bring more folks in.

So the starting numbers are:

Rob 337.0

Blake 277.8

Let the games begin,