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Nissan Leaf: The First Affordable Electric Car?

If you’re wondering when we’ll finally have an all-electric car that’s both affordable and dependable, Nissan may have the answer. The all-electric, five-passenger Leaf sedan goes on sale in December in select markets, with nationwide availability starting in 2011. The Leaf is highway-capable, as it can top 70 mph, and its range (about 100 miles) more than covers average commutes. But what really sets the Leaf apart from other electric cars is its price. Starting at about $33,000, the Leaf’s price tag can fall to as low as about $25,000 after tax incentives. Actually driving the Leaf will cost significantly less than a comparable gas car. Recharging the Leaf can cost less than $3 per “fill up.” Sound promising?


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Propane is an interesting fuel.  Unlike Gasoline or Diesel, its CLEAN burning, it never goes bad, and its safe to keep around.  Its also a dandy way of getting your steaks from raw to mmm mmm good.I have several propane devices.  BBQ grill, turkey cooker, infared heater, and generator.   Since I have all these items, I have a bunch of propane tanks.  In my hurricane prep work this weekend, I tried to sort out what tanks were full, and which were not.

In this process I learned:

Every tank will have “tare weight” stamped into it, indicating how much is weighs, empty.

A standard bbq grill tank, aka a 20 pound tank, weighs about 37 pounds, full.  It weighs about 17 pounds, empty.I (somehow) have 3 tanks that weigh 21 pounds.

I can’t go get this refilled and just pay for 16 pounds of propane.  Its an all or nothing deal with a fill of this size. Same goes if you do a Blue Rhino swap out.

It would be ideal to have a pump, and transfer the propane from tank to tank.  To good to be true. They are to expensive to make it worth buying one, even though it looks very simple… The Krug Pump, has been around for 50 years.


Current Inventory:
8 – 20 pound
1 – 40 pound
1 – 100 pound


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The Gerber Kick Axe is not what you use to open Gerber baby food. It’s a more portable, foldable way of having an axe on you at all times, for things like: Chopping wood, terrorizing a camp while wearing a hockey mask, disposing of bodys, and more chopping wood.

A typical horror movie scene with the old school un-foldable axe goes something like this: Killer approaches victim(slowly) with a very obvious axe in one hand. Victim runs. Crappy music and a crappy chase follow, until he hacks he/her/they up. With the new and improved axe, that same scene goes like this: Killer approaches victim(slowly), with no obvious weapon in hand. He certainly doesn’t have an axe, because axes are long and obvious. Victim does not run. Killer smiles. Hey. Hi. What’s up? Killer unfolds his axe and get’s his victim. You see what happened there? This gadget/weapon has completely done away with the chase scene with the bad music and by doing so has cut every bad horror movie down to just 30 minutes. Awesome.

Gerber’s Kick Axe is $90. This lightweight, folding axe features a Metal Bodied frame with hardcore Black Oxide coating, and folds up like a knife for easy and safe carrying and storage.