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Crazy Tampa, part 2

TAMPA, FL — A Tampa woman refused to be a carjacking victim when she was approached by an armed man who jumped into her car on Thursday.

The woman, who only wants to be identified as Adrianna, pulled out her own gun.  “I just leaned forward and punched him in the forehead with my gun,” she said.  The man “screamed like a girl and almost dropped his gun” as he ran away, she added.
Tampa Police have arrested one suspect so far in what they see as a pattern of carjackings.  A-Keem Carr was arrested on related charges, but two others are believed to be preying on motorists in the Westshore area.

So far, two carjackings and four attempted carjackings have occurred over the last two weeks.   In one case, a man from Land O’ Lakes was pumping gas when an armed suspect approached demanding the car keys.

The man refused because his 6-month-old son was still in his car seat and the suspect took off.

Another incident involved a woman who was closing her business when she was approached by an armed man who took her van.  Her credit cards were used at a business in St. Petersburg and the van was found later along 39th Street in St. Petersburg.  A. Keem Carr was charged in that crime.

Other carjacking attempts included a woman standing next to her car in the Regency Apartments when she was approached but she screamed and scared off the bandit.

Adrianna was pulling into the International Mall when the armed man jumped in her car.  She talked about defending herself.  “I didn’t want to have to shoot…anyway over a car.  But if it was going to be him or me…”

Tampa Police warn the suspects are becoming more aggressive and may be prone to violence.


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