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HD DVD sales are currently strong in the States, reports the Financial Times.

The doomed high-def disc format was effectively cancelled by backers Toshiba and co earlier in the year, after the rival Blu-ray format emerged victorious, but “tough economic conditions” have breathed new life into the platform.

Aggressive price cuts for the hardware – said to be around $60 for HD DVD players, some of which upscale ordinary DVDs – have apparently made them attractive to cash-strapped consumers.

In addition, the cost of discs has fallen to around $10, and can still be found online at Amazon and as well as smaller electronics stores.

“We expected to see a huge increase in Blu-ray sales [with] HD DVD dying but it just hasn’t happened”, Jeff Wisot, vice-president of marketing with, told the FT. “HD DVD sales are still very strong.”

Ryan Kugler, president of Distribution Video & Audio, a buyer of excess video and audio inventory, has sold one million HD DVDs that were returned to the studios by big retailers and expects to sell another two to three million for Christmas.


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I need to find a real definition of a project manager

I’m thinking its a lot like

Project Manager n. “A overpaid person hired to work on a project, knowing nothing about such project, but still compensated to harass those that DO know about the project, in order to slow the project to a crawl with meetings about why said project is behind schedule”


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So we all love ebay, but it sure does have its problems. Recently, I won an item on ebay (car parts), and after 2 MONTHS of trying to contact the user, without much reply, I gave up and posted negative feedback. Three days later “brentfromkent” posted negative feedback on me. “leaves neg feedback after telling him i had a death in family”

1. I was NEVER told he had a death in the family. I feel his pain if he has, but he has failed to mention this to me.

2. He has recovered from this ordeal nicely, and has again been buying and selling things on ebay just like before, he just doesn’t want to keep his end of the agreement and complete this sale.

So what options do I have?

Send a letter to ebay:

I won auction 170176235962
I spent a couple weeks attempting to contact the seller, got a reply that he would get back to me. Nothing
I spent another week trying to contact the seller. Nothing
Requested contact info from the ebay system.
The info listed was fake (999)999-9999
I filed a complaint with ebay
Sent another round of attempts to contact. NOTHING
Waited a week
Requested contact info from the ebay system.
The name and phone were changed. The name was (I assume) correct, but the phone number was disconnected.
I filed a complaint with ebay
Sent another round of attempts to contact. NOTHING
Waited a week
Its now been more than 60 days, and I notice the seller is back listing, selling, and shipping items. Just not to me.
Left no other option, I negative feedback him, which I feel is fully justified.
He negative feedbacks me back.

So, without any wrongdoing on my part, I’m gifted with a black eye in feedback, and this guy goes back to selling items as if my agreement never happened.

As you will be able to tell by looking at my account, I’ve been using ebay for more than 10 years. Today I look to support at ebay to tell me how to fix this.

Per the ebay bidding page:
You are agreeing to a contract — You will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller if you’re the winning bidder. You are responsible for reading the full item listing, including the seller’s instructions and accepted payment methods. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.

This seller is in default of this agreement. The seller has failed to list any correct contact info, and ebay has let him continue to sell in this manor. And now I’ve been harmed as a result.

Please let me know how we can correct this mistake and remove this negative from my account.

Go after this user in federal court, for defaulting on a contract, and the harm to my name with false negative feedback.

I’m going to give it a day, then I’m just willing to spend the money to go this route. It also doesn’t hurt to have a wife thats an attorney admitted to practice law in federal court.


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Often called Circuit Shitty, or Circus Circus for their lack of skills, lack of stock, and lack of organization they may finally be done… Circuit City Stores , which laid off 3,400 workers and is now paying the price. Holiday sales suffered, and Circuit City shares hit a 52-week low in the days after Christmas, closing Friday at $4.15, down from $22.02 on Feb. 9.
Comp – Gone

Sears – Been gone.

Walmart – Don’t sell anything worth getting.

BestBuy – Might be all thats left.


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It should be no secret that I hate SONY, if it is “I HATE SONY”. There – No more secrets.

My hatred for Sony is what pushed me to the HD-DVD side of the game, and I recently purchased the HD-DVD add on for the 360. Good times. It looks like we’re approaching high noon, and the two will meet in the middle of town to settle this.

Earlier this year the HD DVD camp expressed optimism that this holiday season would prove big for HD DVD, particularly because aggressive pricing was expected to deliver a solid HD DVD player into the sweet sub-$200 spot. It’s widely believed that consumer adoption hinges on the players themselves becoming more affordable, which is why folks were getting excited about reports this past week indicating that Wal-Mart would be rolling out a $198 Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player next weekend.

As it turns out, plenty of retailers are about to get behind a big push for the HD-A2, whose sweet new price is only soured by its 1080i max output (1080p would be best, but at $200 right now, that’s asking too much). Since Toshiba launched its third-generation HD DVD players last August, the second-gen HD-A2 was poised to get a price reduction.

The Wal-Mart plans were first revealed by a user of the eProductWars forum, who also provided a picture of an endcap stocked with $198 players. Wal-Mart won’t confirm when the pricing will be official, but “Jim” from eProductWars indicated that the sale is expected to start next weekend. Nevertheless, we’re hearing from readers who have found the units on sale already, so perhaps Wal-Mart has stepped up the timetable, at least in some regions.

Source: eProductWars forums

You don’t have to wait for Wal-Mart, Ars has learned. Doing the rounds, we found that Circuit City is selling the HD-A2 for $197.99, both online and in stores. A source at Best Buy tells Ars that a price cut is also planned, but that most stores are out of stock of the unit right now, and they cannot be ordered online. Amazon has the player for a puffier $220. A week ago, the HD-A2 was priced near $299 almost everywhere.
While we all knew that a price reduction in the HD DVD camp was imminent, I don’t think anyone was expecting to see the sub-$200 units come in the form of a Toshiba player, which has for the most part been very well reviewed. Rumors earlier this year suggested that a no-name brand would be the first player to dip into the red zone, like this unit.

Perhaps best of all, the five free HD DVDs promotion is still on, meaning that buyers can score a HD DVD player and five movies for $200. The movie selection isn’t the hottest, though.
Will a quality player available at less than $200 spur adoption of HD DVD? It’s anyone’s guess right now, and it’s still anyone’s game. Seeing the name “Toshiba” on the box will certainly help, though, as it’s a brand that enjoys some consumer confidence (which is important when it comes to the inevitable “is this a piece of junk” question that comes along with such price cuts).


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If GM can’t get it done first, mabee I’ll have a ford. I’ve been screaming about this for over 3 years now. FINALLY proof. Why are we waiting so long for this. Battery Hybrids are a total joke. Ethanol is a waste of good corn. Here is THE answer. Tell the arabs to go pound sand, we dont need their oil.

By Tom Krisher, Associated Press

DEARBORN, Mich. — The relatively quick-and-easy answer to foreign oil dependence and automotive greenhouse gas emissions is circling the grounds every day at Orlando International Airport in Florida, according to a top Ford Motor (F) official. It’s a utilitarian 12-passenger parking lot shuttle bus powered by a 6.8-liter internal combustion hydrogen engine, which Ford officials said is their hydrogen technology closest to mass production.

“We really believe this technology is ready to be evaluated at the consumer level,” John Lapetz, the company’s program manager for the buses, told reporters on Tuesday at an event staged to tout Ford’s future vehicles.

About 30 E-450 Hydrogen shuttle buses are working across the U.S. and Canada, and Ford engineers are monitoring them electronically in real time, Lapetz said. The vehicles, powered by a modified gasoline engine, have near zero emissions and get up to 13% better fuel economy than their gasoline counterparts, he said.


Take that, OPEC


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The last known picturesOk, I’m going now.

So, Monday at 8:16pm, Buddy (the dog) Dug his way to freedom. Obviously he wasn’t sure what to do with his freedom so he walked around a bit, then sat at the front door of the house. He then proceeded to head off into the sunset, and hasn’t been seen since. We arrived home 24 mins after his departure, he failed to leave a note.

Tuesday was spent calling, putting up flyers, and visiting shelters.

Buddy! where are you?


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So, just when you thought the corp world couldnt possibly hurt me any more, CBS goes and cancells Jericho. Perhaps my most favorite show. The Nielsen rating cant be wrong, or could they? No idea what the show Jericho is? You watch to much American Idol, and you’ve done real tv a great injustice.

Thanks to the power of the internet,CBS hears our voiceand thousands of people ship them literally TONS of nuts in protest. Nuts Online! Is one of the gathering points. Its a terrible fight, as the networks are just plain stupid when it comes to listeing to their customers. But we can hope.


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Seems I had a few hurdles to overcome on this install.

First, I wanted to run this on a W2K3 Server. They don’t favor people running this stuff themselves anyway, much less run it under Windows. So every step, every piece, every set of documentation was vague, missing, or wrong.

Second, they dont expect you to have more than 1 Server to run this on, so the docs explaining how to do email from a remote mail server are vague/wrong/complicated at best. Again, running on W2K3Server wasn’t helping me.

After 25 attempts, the system should now be sending out registration emails for new accounts. Some of you got set up in my testing, and may see an email with your name and password. If you don’t like it, hollar. I’ll delete you and you can start over.