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Well, I think its working, finally.

Seems I had a few hurdles to overcome on this install.

First, I wanted to run this on a W2K3 Server. They don’t favor people running this stuff themselves anyway, much less run it under Windows. So every step, every piece, every set of documentation was vague, missing, or wrong.

Second, they dont expect you to have more than 1 Server to run this on, so the docs explaining how to do email from a remote mail server are vague/wrong/complicated at best. Again, running on W2K3Server wasn’t helping me.

After 25 attempts, the system should now be sending out registration emails for new accounts. Some of you got set up in my testing, and may see an email with your name and password. If you don’t like it, hollar. I’ll delete you and you can start over.


I'm kind of a big deal.

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