Dog Damn it

The last known picturesOk, I’m going now.

So, Monday at 8:16pm, Buddy (the dog) Dug his way to freedom. Obviously he wasn’t sure what to do with his freedom so he walked around a bit, then sat at the front door of the house. He then proceeded to head off into the sunset, and hasn’t been seen since. We arrived home 24 mins after his departure, he failed to leave a note.

Tuesday was spent calling, putting up flyers, and visiting shelters.

Buddy! where are you?


I'm kind of a big deal.

One thought on “Dog Damn it

  • June 19, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    Well, we had a long discussion on Saturday during the Solar Install. Man’s best friend is now his PV Setup. His feelings were hurt. I saw him head over to the bushes where that case of beer was stashed to get drunk.

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