The may yet be hope for a ford in my garage.

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If GM can’t get it done first, mabee I’ll have a ford. I’ve been screaming about this for over 3 years now. FINALLY proof. Why are we waiting so long for this. Battery Hybrids are a total joke. Ethanol is a waste of good corn. Here is THE answer. Tell the arabs to go pound sand, we dont need their oil.

By Tom Krisher, Associated Press

DEARBORN, Mich. — The relatively quick-and-easy answer to foreign oil dependence and automotive greenhouse gas emissions is circling the grounds every day at Orlando International Airport in Florida, according to a top Ford Motor (F) official. It’s a utilitarian 12-passenger parking lot shuttle bus powered by a 6.8-liter internal combustion hydrogen engine, which Ford officials said is their hydrogen technology closest to mass production.

“We really believe this technology is ready to be evaluated at the consumer level,” John Lapetz, the company’s program manager for the buses, told reporters on Tuesday at an event staged to tout Ford’s future vehicles.

About 30 E-450 Hydrogen shuttle buses are working across the U.S. and Canada, and Ford engineers are monitoring them electronically in real time, Lapetz said. The vehicles, powered by a modified gasoline engine, have near zero emissions and get up to 13% better fuel economy than their gasoline counterparts, he said.


Take that, OPEC

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