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Wow, that hurt.

Look at my panelTesting the panel voltage

So Saturday’s project was completed, though it was not completed till Sunday (in the dark) My good old long time friend Jim and his son worked into the early morning hours finishing up. No major problems, it was just a lot more work that anticipated. Perfect (summer) weather, no rain. All that participated went home with sunburns, and exhausted. Plenty of pics of the process to look at over on the -=Photoalbum=-

Lots more work to do, as the first project was only outside. Currently I have wire in my garage with things rigged up to work, it sure wouldnt pass code, yet. Outside is very impressive, and the inspector should have no issue with any of the construction.

As of about 11am today, the new solar arrays was powering (part of) the house, which was cool to see. Lots more tuning of things, and logs to keep to see how much power I can make a day.

The pics above. (left) – Me with the first panel out of the box (right) a voltage test of an array of panels with NO load. With a load, the voltage drops to about 56-58 volts to charge the v48 volt batteries.


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