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Netflix bringing movie downloads to Wii? US rental firm sounding out Wii users about online films

We all know that Nintendo is intent on bringing movie downloads to the Wii console, but it may be coming sooner than we thought.

Reports are suggesting that Nintendo is already in talks with US movie rental firm Netflix about a Wii-specific download service similar to that available for the Xbox 360.

Survey says maybe

A survey sent to Netflix customers raises the possibility, saying: “Imagine that, as an added benefit to DVDs by mail, Netflix offers its members the ability to watch movies & TV episodes instantly on their TV via their Nintendo Wii.”

While the Xbox 360 supports Netflix downloads through the Xbox LIVE online service, the putative Wii service will require users to load up something called a ‘Netflix Instant Streaming Disc’ whenever they want to take the console for a spin round the online store.

Firmware issue

In the absence of any official word from Nintendo on the Netflix deal, that could, of course, change to see the streaming software included on the Wii firmware in future.


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