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I decided to upgrade my trailer to electric brakes, but I needed to know what weight the axles were.

Interwebs, to the rescue.

Typical Axle Diameters Based on Axle Capacity
– 1,000-lb – 2,000-lb Axles: 1-1/2 inch – 1-3/4 inch diameter
– 3,500-lb Axles: 2-3/8 inch diameter
– 6,000-lb – 7,200-lb Axles: 3 inch diameter
– 8,000-lb Axles: 3-1/2 inch diameter
– 9,000-lb Axles: 4 inch diameter
– 10,000-lb Or more axles: 5 inch diameter

Converting that to easier to measure.

1000/2000 would be 4.7″ or 5.5″ circumference
3500 would be 2 3/8 or 2.375″ dia or 7.46″ circumference.
6000/7200 would be 3″ or 9.42″ circumference
8000 would be 3.5″ or 11″ circumference
9000 would be 4.0″ or 12.56″ circumference
10000 would be 5.0″ or 15.7″ circumference


Turns out I have 3500 pound axles, and looks like this should work, just need to check for the 4 bolt mounting flange.


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A few hours of cleanup and some reverse engineering to sort out the things my father had done over the years, and we have success.  Many repairs still need to be done to get it running without fear of fire balling, but this is certainly a step in the right direction!


And, another camera…


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Had some troubles with the doors after the trip, shook enough crap loose on the trip, that the doors wouldn’t open any more. Luckily the hinges are external, and we just took a door off to work on it.

Wondered if I could still fit in the car, and here is the answer!



No, I didn’t plan to start it, I dont have a battery or (at that time) a key.




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The Subaru 360 was the first automobile mass-produced by Fuji Heavy Industries’ Subaru division. A number of innovative features were used to design a very small and inexpensive car to address government plans to produce a small “people’s car” with an engine no larger than 360 cc when most in Japan could not afford a car. The body size and the engine capacity were designed to match within Japan’s kei car regulation. Nicknamed the “ladybug” in Japan, it was one of Japan’s most popular cars, and among the smallest cars in the world to attract a significant following.

Approximately 10,000 360s was exported to the United States by Malcolm Bricklin, with an original price of $1,297.

The Subaru 360 received notoriety in 1969, when Consumer Reports magazine branded the automobile “Not Acceptable” because of safety concerns and lack of power. Because the car weighed under 1000 pounds, it was exempt from normal safety standards, but it was reported that it fared badly in a test crash against a large American car with the bumper ending up in the passenger compartment of the Subaru.

Sales soon collapsed, as there were various rumors of Subaru 360s being tossed overboard or being shredded to pieces. It was also reported that many 360s sat on dealers’ lots for two or three years without ever being purchased.

About this car:

It was produced from 1958-1971, and were the first line of vehicles produced by Fuji Heavy Industries

It is a 2 cyl, 356cc engine, producing 25HP.   It is a 2-stroke engine.

The car is 118 inches long, 51 inches wide, and 54 inches tall, a checks in at 900 pounds. It offers seating for 4 people.

It rides on 4.8 x 10″ wheels, with a top speed of 60 (more like 50/55)

About this time is when my father noticed this cute little car sitting ignored on a local lot.  I’m not able to find documentation that shows how much he paid for it, but I’m sure it was well under the $1297.

Those that did buy them found parts and service hard to find, since Subaru did not import them they were not obligated to honor them





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Nissan Leaf: The First Affordable Electric Car?

If you’re wondering when we’ll finally have an all-electric car that’s both affordable and dependable, Nissan may have the answer. The all-electric, five-passenger Leaf sedan goes on sale in December in select markets, with nationwide availability starting in 2011. The Leaf is highway-capable, as it can top 70 mph, and its range (about 100 miles) more than covers average commutes. But what really sets the Leaf apart from other electric cars is its price. Starting at about $33,000, the Leaf’s price tag can fall to as low as about $25,000 after tax incentives. Actually driving the Leaf will cost significantly less than a comparable gas car. Recharging the Leaf can cost less than $3 per “fill up.” Sound promising?


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It was about 20 years ago. I wandered back to an empty lot in Sanford, to witness the carnage that had happened to this poor car.  It was upside, and looking sad.  I sat for an hour or two carefully peeling off its artwork, the only thing I had to put it on was continuous form paper from a programming project for my Quick basic class, so that is where I put it.  It has been on the wall at every house that I’ve lived since then.

A couple weeks ago, I had it framed.  Good or bad, Its a piece of history.



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10 Most-Expensive Cars to Insure

The 10 vehicles that account for the highest dollar amount of losses for insurance companies (starting with the most expensive) are:

1. Cadillac Escalade EXT 4WD
2. Subaru Impreza WRX 4WD
3. Hyundai Tiburon
4. Mitsubishi Lancer
5. Scion tC
6. Acura RSX
7. Nissan Sentra SE-R
8. Suzuki Forenza
9. Nissan Sentra/Mitsubishi Eclipse
10. Chevrolet Cobalt two-door

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, based on 2004-2006 models

10 Least-Expensive Cars to Insure

The 10 vehicles that account for the lowest dollar amount of losses for insurance companies (starting with the least expensive) are:

1. Ford Five Hundred 4WD (now the Ford Taurus)
2. Buick Rendezvous 4WD
3. Buick Lucerne/Buick Rainier 4WD/Honda Odyssey
4. Ford Freestyle 4WD/Subaru Outback 4WD
5. Buick Rendezvous/Honda Pilot
6. Chrysler Town & Country LWB
7. Honda Pilot 4WD
8. Buick LaCrosse/Chevrolet Uplander/Ford Escape/Volvo V70
9. Dodge Grand Caravan/Ford Freestyle 4WD
10. Ford Explorer 4WD/GMC Sierra 1500 4WD/Toyota Highlander/Toyota Sienna

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, based on 2004-2006 models


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Wow, this is some bad-ass stuff. I think I need one..



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2009 model year CTS-v. Supercharged LS7 7.0-liter – about 600 horses.

Gonna put the smack down on the Mustang drivers that think they are somthing.
Read all about it here