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Electric trailer brake conversion project

I decided to upgrade my trailer to electric brakes, but I needed to know what weight the axles were.

Interwebs, to the rescue.


Typical Axle Diameters Based on Axle Capacity
– 1,000-lb – 2,000-lb Axles: 1-1/2 inch – 1-3/4 inch diameter
– 3,500-lb Axles: 2-3/8 inch diameter
– 6,000-lb – 7,200-lb Axles: 3 inch diameter
– 8,000-lb Axles: 3-1/2 inch diameter
– 9,000-lb Axles: 4 inch diameter
– 10,000-lb Or more axles: 5 inch diameter

Converting that to easier to measure.

1000/2000 would be 4.7″ or 5.5″ circumference
3500 would be 2 3/8 or 2.375″ dia or 7.46″ circumference.
6000/7200 would be 3″ or 9.42″ circumference
8000 would be 3.5″ or 11″ circumference
9000 would be 4.0″ or 12.56″ circumference
10000 would be 5.0″ or 15.7″ circumference


Turns out I have 3500 pound axles, and looks like this should work, just need to check for the 4 bolt mounting flange.



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