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The IRS, a great explanation of whats wrong with the USA


The United States – The most powerful country on the planet. We have satellites that can watch a man scratch his ass from space. Then, with pinpoint accuracy, we can deliver a bomb to that location to kill that man, yet cause little to no damage to things around him.

All these amazing things, including my ability to write a check to the IRS, mail it, they receive it just days later, cash it, and I can see this cashed check on the internet, twenty four hours a day. Amazing things.

What I truly find amazing is that it can somehow take the “IRS computer”30-45 days to post the payment to my account.

What do they run there? A bunch of Commodore 64s? What kinda scam are they running?

Even more amazing is that I can type this entire blog entry while on hold.


I'm kind of a big deal.

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