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Steak in the City Review


To quote the website:

A unique waterfront dining experience located on Pearl Lake in Altamonte Springs, Steak in the City features Mediterranean and Argentinean cuisine prepared fresh daily. At the center island buffet, choose from a variety of dishes including Israeli salad, matambre, eggplant tapenade, Capresse salad, taboule and hummus. From the grill, savor the taste of fresh meats such as churrasco, Brazilian and Argentinean steak, chicken, shish kabob and sausage. Steak in the City is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11AM. Happy hour at the bar Monday through Friday from 4PM to 7PM.

So I was paid a visit by the famous Ty this weekend. I finally managed to get an empty spot on his calender that was not already take up by flights around the world. He came over to check out my solar power project, have lunch, and check out the new Voxeo offices I’ve been working on. During lunch on Thursday, I had heard talk of my coworkers about a new “Meat and Salad Buffet” place. That was such an unfair description, I am forced to review this eatery myself.

We arrived just before lunch, just missing the traditional church crowd, unsure if the place was even open. Luckily, it was, and in we went. We were greeted nicely and were given a tour of how it all worked, and sat down. There are two main areas to the place. A central area which I will call “salads” but to do so is terribly unfair, and the other “meats” again unfair. The salad section had an incredible selection by which I could have filled myself with it alone. A full 1/3 of the things on tables I was unable to identify, but I’m sure it was all outstanding.

The meats not to die for, but still VERY good. They were out of one steak that I was interested in, and that gives me more than enough reason to go back. This place is everything I wanted in a Sweet Tomatoes, but with meat, yay meat.

Prices were good. Sunday lunch, 16$ish Weekday lunch 14ish. The pricing of it is confusing, and I’m not sure how much they had to drink when they dreamed it up, but I guess it makes sense to someone, just not me. The price tag changes by what you have to drink. I don’t drink wine/beer, and that makes the changes. It does look to be very available with a house bottle on every table. An additional gripe, this used to be a Shells, and the tables are all left over. Mine had a center hole with sand/rocks in it, with glass over it, and the glass was about an inch to small, so you couldn’t use the center of the table for anything without risk of the glass falling in. The table was also so wobbly (is that a word) that it was annoying. While the cook where I ordered my food was very helpful and polite, English was not his first language. I feel perhaps dealing directly with customers that speak only English may not be the best place for him to work. Two of us were very confused while interacting with him. Our server was able to finally resolve this.

Go eat there so they can replace that table! I’ll certainly be back, and I’ll bring friends. That’s not a threat, its just a warning.

I’d give it a 4-star-rating.gif


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