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Happy Labor (work my ass off) day!

Well, unlike the rest of the world, which seemed to be glued to the tvset, or the pool, or something else, I was hard at work all day at my 2nd job, the house. During some home construction, we rented a storage building to house things while the construction was going on. Many of you know how I hate even the thought of renting a storage space, and I’ve always said, when the time comes that I have so much junk I cant keep it all in the house, I’ll just have to get rid of some of it. This was an exception to my rule. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it. For one month I rented a 10×20 storage space. During that time, I was able to do what needed done, and get (most) of it back to the house. I have a few items that I just don’t have space for and until I can sell them, I moved them into a much smaller storage space. The good news, its all moved.

Good thing no one I knew had a camera to catch me today, it would have been funny to see me walking a beer cooler on skates a full city block.

Next project today was to clean the grill. Now I’m not the one that takes a task like this the simple way. I go all out. I got out my zillion psi pressure washer and blew the crap outta the grill. What a mess. but the grill sure is clean. My reward for my own episode of “Dirty Jobs”?  Kabobs!



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