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More Sexy Electric Cars

lightning.jpglightning-front.jpgThe Lightning GT Electric from the Lightning Car Company is about to take the automotive industry by storm (pun intended). Aside from looking like something that came out of the mind of a 1960’s designer, the Lightning offers what every power vehicle purchaser with a green heart wants, lots of power, zero emissions. The stats? 130 miles per hour, zero-to-sixty in 4 seconds, and a battery that recharges in only ten minutes.
According to the company, the electric version of the Lightning will go for up to 250 miles on a single charge. But what I’m sure that you are interested in knowing is how fast it’ll go, it is after all a sports car. The specs mention that the vehicle do up to 130 miles an hour, and will make the 0-60mph run in about 4 seconds.

Like most electric vehicles, the Lightning will have four electric motors, one on each wheel powered by the power stored in its batteries. The lithium-titanate battery technology comes from Altair Nanotechnologies, which claims to have developed a more stable and less toxic high powered battery. It is meant to have a life expectancy of up to 12 years, instead of the usual 3-5 years of most common batteries. But by far, the most impressive claim lies in the recharge time. According to Altair and the Lightning Car Company, the battery will take a whopping 10 minutes to recharge. Bold claims indeed.

While we promise to bring you other methods of transportation that are more sustainable than personal automobiles soon, we have to admit that well, these electric vehicles all look really fantastic. Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves.

+The Lightning Car Company


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