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I usually like to build two of everything. It nice to have 2, and it helps in trying to diagnose a problem. So, as usual, I built two MiSTer kits. But noticed that I couldnt have two on the network at the same time.

Turns out the default Mac Address for EVERY MiSTer is 02:03:04:05:06:07, which is a problem if you have more than one.

To fix that:

From the serial console, (USB cable from usb mini, to pc, load terminal program – ) enter the u-boot command line (keep ESC in console while booting MiSTer)

in command line enter:

setenv ethaddr 02:03:04:05:06:08



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Finally got around to picking up one of these gears and getting it swapped out on my 1981 Star Wars arcade machine.  Orig being plastic over alum, new being all cnc alum.



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Have been looking for one of those for a while.

The BK Precision 490 Video Display Tester/Rejuvenator is a valuable tool to diagnose or bring a 30 year old monitor back from the dead.

  • Test and restore color or monochrome CRTs
  • Test and restore most computer monitor CRTs
  • Test and restore most projection TV CRTs
  • Test emission, tracking, leakage, shorts, life
  • Remove shorts, clean and balance guns, rejuvenate cathodes

It came with more than a dozen adapters,  though it turns out I need a #31 for some monitors, K7000.

Docs for some of the adapters:

BK Precision CR-40

BK Precision CR-37

BK Precision CR-36

BK Precision CR-34

BK Precision CR-30

BK Precision CR-26

BK Precision CR-25

BK Precision CR-24

BK Precision CR-22