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Visiting Free Play Florida

Florida’s largest arcade, pinball, and console show

Step back to a time when friends gathered together for games, ate pizza, speculated about alligators in the sewer, and went home when the street lights came on. Today, we exchange gamer tags and coordinate online meetups; the barriers between the Gamerverse have broken, and all realms of games are now colliding! Purchase your passport to journey “Across the Gamerverse” through the past, present, and future of pinball, arcade, and home consoles. Step into different times and worlds filled with wonder, amazement, and pivotal moments in gaming history, while creating memories for your critical role in the future of the Gamerverse.

Free Play Florida report…

Cold and wet day out, my primary project canceled and the weather made me want to go back to bed. Threw the kid in the car and headed for tourist town for FPF.

High point was to meet and get autographs from Howard Scott Warshaw. Author of Yars Revenge, E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark for Atari 2600. So that was a cool opportunity. Cool to see Throw Back! Jai-Alai Heros in real life. Great game, love to see this indie stuff. Great to see so many happy helpful people running the show. More pinball machines than I’ve seen in a very long time.


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