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Beefy King 40th Birthday.

Beefy King 40th
As a kid, my dad took me to Beefy King.  Years ago, they opened one at 434/436, but it wasn’t the same, and it soon closed.  This is one of the few remaining landmarks in a town where things are torn down to build over-priced high rise condos.  Congrats to the King, and hope for 40 more years!
Five beef, 2 hammys, 2 tots, and two iced teas please.

From the Channel 13 Website…It’s been a local landmark for more than 40 years and on Saturday, owners of the Beefy King restaurant offered up a special deal for their loyal customers.The restaurant originally opened as a chain in 1968. Since then, Beefy King has been serving up steamed ham and beef sandwiches, potatoes and drinks.

Hundreds of customers, many of whom have been coming to the restaurant for more than 30 years, were treated to $2 sandwiches and a little birthday cake.

The owners said they just wanted to give back.

“Orlando has been so good to us. They have really treated us well through the years and the business kinda of runs itself people come in and they know what we’ve got and how we serve it and that is what they are looking for,” said Roland Smith, the owner of Beefy King.

The store is family owned. Both owners and customers hope they will be able to stay open long enough to hand it off to the next generation.

3rd Generation Beefy King Patron

And here is the clip from the news. You’ll see Charles near the end, for just about 3 secs at about 1:22


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