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Wii ain’t really that fit, turns out.

With Lori’s birthday just a few days away, and one of her presents arriving early.   Its all over the news, and she seemed interested. Who am I to stand in the way of video games?!


Its quite impressive, I was afraid it would be a flimsy piece of crap, but turns out its pretty stout, even brave.  Would you like to be the device to tell half of America that they are Fat?!  Well, after all the setup, info taking, etc. I tried the exercises. Yea, that lasted about 30 secs.  The games are a lot of fun, there is soccer, snow skiing, ski jumping, and a marble madness sort of game where you have to balance a plate and roll balls into a hole. I dare not show pics of Lori playing that. Its funny to watch. Shhh, here she comes.



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