I just ordered 8 of these for my solar power project here at the house. More info on that project can be found here

Kyocera KC130 Specifications
General characteristics:
  The Kyocera KC-130 is a multi crystal solar electric panel with 36 cells. It is
laminated with glass in an aluminum frame. 4″ x 4″ junction box with conduit knockouts and terminal strips on back. Suitable for
all applications in all climates.
Electrical Characteristics:
  Power Rating (Watts) 130
  Current at rated power (amps) 7.39
  Voltage at rated power (volts) 17.6
  Short circuit current (amps) 8.02
  Open circuit voltage (volts) 21.9
Physical Characteristics:
  Length 56.1″ 1425 mm
  Width 25.7″ 652 mm
  Depth (including junction box) GT: 1.4″, TM:2″  
  Weight 26.2 pounds 11.9 kg
  Warranty 20 Years

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