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Hytera PD362 DMR HT UHF Radio, 430-470MHZ, 256 channel, 3W, IP54

Pocket Size Design
The color display allows good visibility even under extremely strong light. The compact antenna design and light weight PC & Metal frame design. The PD362 is 4.84 x 2.17 x 0.91 inches weighing 5.64oz.

Micro USB Port
The Micro USB port allows you to use a standard USB to Micro USB to charge the radio.

Compact Antenna
The creative and compact antenna design makes the PD362 sleek and gives it a cellular phone feel.

Dual Mode: Analog & Digital
Dual mode (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog to digital migration.

One Touch Call/Text
Supports One Touch features that comprise of Preprogrammed Text Messages, Voice Calls and Supplementary Features.

Simple Scan
Capable of scanning of analog voice/signaling or Digital voice/data.

Versatile Voice Calls
The intelligent signaling supports various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call , and All Call.

Various Analog Signaling Types
Various analog signaling types various squelch control types (CTCSS / CDCSS), thus providing higher function expansion capacity to the analog world.

Monochrome Display
Two line display with monochrome color and supports messaging with up to 64 characters.

Frequency range UHF: 430 – 470 MHz
Channel capacity 256 (128 Analog / 128 Digital)
Zone capacity 16
Channel spacing 12.5/25 kHz
Operating voltage 3.7 V
Battery 2000 mAh Li-Ion
Battery service life (5/5/90) approx. 10 h (analog)
approx. 12 h (digital)
Frequency stability ±0.5 ppm
Antenna impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions (H×W×D) 4.84 x 2.17 x 0.91 Inches
Weight 5.64 oz
RF Power Output UHF: 1.5 / 3 W
FM Modulation
(Analog Emissions Designator)
11 K0F3E at 12.5 kHz
16 K0F3E at 25 kHz
4FSK Digital Modulation
(Digital Emissions Designator)
12.5 kHz (data only): 7K60FXD
12.5 kHz (voice & data): 7K60FXW
Conducted/Radiated Emission -36 dBm < 1 GHz
-30 dBm > 1 GHz
Modulation limiting ±2.5 kHz at 12.5 kHz
±5.0 kHz at 25 kHz
FM Hum & Noise 40 dB at 12.5 kHz
45 dB at 25 kHz
Adjacent channel selectivity 60 dB at 12.5 kHz
70 dB at 25 kHz
Audio Response +1 dB to -3 dB
Audio Distortion ≤ 3%
Digital vocoder type AMBE++ or SELP
Sensitivity (analogue) 0.22 μV (12 dB SINAD)
0.22 μV (typical) (12 dB SINAD)
0.4 μV (20 dB SINAD)
Sensitivity (digital) 0.22 μV / BER 5%
Adjacent channel selectivity
60 dB at 12.5 kHz / 70 dB at 25 kHz
60 dB at 12.5 kHz / 70 dB at 25 kHz
70 dB at 12.5/25 kHz
70 dB at 12.5/25 kHz
Spurious response rejection
70 dB at 12,5/25 kHz
70 dB at 12.5/25 kHz
Spurious response rejection 40 dB at 12.5 kHz
45 dB at 25 kHz
Nominal audio power output 0.4 W
Nominal audio distortion ≤ 5 %
Audio sensitivity +1 dB to -3 dB
Conducted spurious emission < -57 dBm
Environmental Specs
Operating temperature range -30 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
ESD IEC 61000-4-2 (level 4)
±8 kV (contact discharge) ±15 kV (air discharge)
Protection against dust and moisture IP54
Shock and vibration resistance MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
Relative humidity MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G




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A friend suggested one of these, another in the next gen color screen, super cheap DMR radios.

VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with GPS and 1.77 inch color TFT display. Ideal for Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Forestry and Security operations. 4,000 Channels with 10,000 Talk Groups. Frequency coverage 140-174 / 400-480 MHz. Includes USB Programming cable. 

Memory Channels: 4,000 channels

DMR Talk Groups: 10,000

Digital Contacts: 150,000 (Complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC)

Power Levels: 4 programmable power levels: 6/4/2.5/1 Watt Transmit Power LEvels

Zones: 250 zones, up to 250 channels per zone

Display: 1.77 inch color TFT Screen with selectable dual channel or single channel display

Battery: Operates 35+ hours between charges with the supplied 3150mAh lithium ion battery in the power saver mode

Bandwidth: 12/5/25.0 kHz Anaglg, and 12.5 kHz DMR

Import/Export: Enhanched CPS allows direct input and export of channels, digital IDs and talkgroups

Industries: Ideal for fire, search & rescue, EMS, police, sheriff, forestry, security patrols, business communications, schools, universities, and other organizations that have FCC licensed frequencies

DMR Compatibility: Supports both Tier I and Tier II operation, making it compatible with DMR repeaters that utilize two-slot TDMA technology

Amateur Radio: Also operational on amateur radio DMR networks and analog frequencies. Software importable worldwide amateur contact database

Programmable: FCC 47CFR90.203 requires the keypad locked in the shipping configuration. Software keypad unlocking and re-programming are available with the included USB Programming Cable.

Accessory Connection: 2-pin style Kenwood/Wouxun type earphone and speaker mic connection for a variety of accessories

Quiet Tones: 2-pin style Kenwood/Wouxun type earphone and speaker mic connection for a variety of accessories

Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-480 MHz RX/TX

Package Includes: Dual-band VHF/UHF GPS Radio, 3150 mAh extended life lithium ion battery, desk charger w/ AC adapter, Dual-band GPS antenna, belt clip, free USB Programming cable and downloadable software, user manual

Certifications: FCC Part 90 Certified, FCC ID: T4KD868UV



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I love the 2 cell power, and how I can drop the flaps and fly this thing in the yard almost as slow as I can run.  The reason the Motion RC Fly Boys really dig this new offering from E-flite is its ability to be flown nearly anywhere due to it’s STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) versatility.  The UMX Timber comes with leading edge flaps to decrease your takeoff and landing distance even further.  Stability is at the heart of this model and comes with the AS3X Receiver with Optional SAFE® Select Flight Mode so both beginner and intermediate pilots can fly with confidence.  Added realism like the LED light package adds another dimension with sunrise or sunset sorties.  With the optional float package (not included) extend your flight path even further to those watery runways.  A versatile and fun adventure awaits!


  • Fly in impossibly small spaces with its STOL capabilities
  • Leading edge slats (optional) and fully functional flaps for short takeoffs and landings
  • Robust 180-size, 3000kV brushless outrunner motor provides plenty of punch
  • AS3X technology and optional SAFE Select mode for increased stability
  • Spektrum™ DSMX® 2.4GHz technology
  • Tundra-sized wheels and durable landing gear can handle rugged surfaces
  • LED light system installed for those sunrise or sunset sorties
  • Optional floats available for those water adventures (see below)
  • Battery compartment that is easy to access
  • Steerable tail wheel
  • No assembly required


  • E-flite UMX Timber BNF Basic 700mm (27.6″) Wingspan – BNF



  • E-flite UMX Timber Float Set w/Accessories – EFLUA1190

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I have been getting daily errors from certwatch, and I’ve just been ignoring them.  Today I decided not to, any more.


################# SSL Certificate Warning ################

Certificate for hostname ‘webhost.robpatton.com’, in file (or by nickname):

The certificate needs to be renewed; this can be done
using the ‘genkey’ program.

Browsers will not be able to correctly connect to this
web site using SSL until the certificate is renewed.

Generated by certwatch(1)



So my fix was this:

cd /etc/pki/tls/certs/
rm localhost.crt
make localhost.crt
mv localhost.key ../private/localhost.key
cd ../private/
cp localhost.key localhost.key.orig
openssl rsa -in localhost.key.orig -out localhost.key


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Switching to some newer cooler software to keep track of my video game and classic computer stuff.  Going through totes, I keep finding things that I forgot I had…


5 Cases of still sealed, still shrink wrapped copies of Atarisoft Defender for the TI-99/4A Part # RX8506



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Its been MANY weeks since I have been out to the local field to fly.   Got there just after 7 on a cold, 55degree morning, blue skies.  Took this pic before my first flight of the day.


Eflite Cessna150 6 cell 5000


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One big thing for me at http://www.freeplayflorida.com  is the shopping for games.  Homebrew, new in box, etc.  To be ready for that, I’ve started (to late most likely) on the project of getting an accurate inventory of what I have.  I’ve tried this before, but it always gets out of date.

This year I purchased a full copy of https://www.collectorz.com/game/game-collector  to help with this task.   It does a lot of the work for me, though its not good with homebrew stuff.    My final inventory list can be found at   http://www.robpatton.com/cvgac/AtariJaguar/Jag.html

Starting bin of Jaguar stuff:

Bin of Jaguar Stuff

Many of the homebrew titles required some scanning to add.








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Have been looking for one of those for a while.

The BK Precision 490 Video Display Tester/Rejuvenator is a valuable tool to diagnose or bring a 30 year old monitor back from the dead.

  • Test and restore color or monochrome CRTs
  • Test and restore most computer monitor CRTs
  • Test and restore most projection TV CRTs
  • Test emission, tracking, leakage, shorts, life
  • Remove shorts, clean and balance guns, rejuvenate cathodes

It came with more than a dozen adapters,  though it turns out I need a #31 for some monitors, K7000.

Docs for some of the adapters:

BK Precision CR-40

BK Precision CR-37

BK Precision CR-36

BK Precision CR-34

BK Precision CR-30

BK Precision CR-26

BK Precision CR-25

BK Precision CR-24

BK Precision CR-22



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I switched my hosting servers to Centos 7 a couple years ago, my postfix instance has been a fun experiment for the past year or so.

Below see the instance of “Blocked using” in my maillog file.  The dips are when I was not using any, and the peaks are when I was using one, or many blacklist providers.   I’ve heard good things about the barracuda blacklist, so I’ll add that eventually, and watch for spikes.


Blocked Using 2017 Graph

Blocked Using 2017 Graph


Important parts of my main.cf

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
check_recipient_access mysql:/etc/postfix/mysql-virtual_recipient.cf,
reject_rbl_client bl.spamcop.net,
reject_rbl_client sbl.spamhaus.org,
reject_rbl_client cbl.abuseat.org,
reject_rbl_client dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net,



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