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We remember him happy

We’ve suffered a great loss this morning. For those that may not already know, Buddy (Puppy, Poopy, etc) Dug his way to freedom Monday night while we were away. We searched and searched since then, putting up hundreds of signs for miles, all with no luck. Lori made a stop at Animal Control and was given the bad news that he had made his way to 434/Tollgate Rd some time Tuesday am, and was hit and killed.

Lori and I are obviously heartbroken and may take some time before we are able to move past this.

For the time, http://www.robpatton.com will be changed in remembrance of my Puppy.


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One thought on “Heartbroken

  • Hi Rob,

    Angela and I are shocked and saddened to find out your dog passed away. We saw the sign in your yard today. We understand how our pets are an important part of the family. Our sincerest condolences go out to you both.

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