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Charles is goint to crap his pullup when he sees this.

For his 3rd birthday, Charles received a toy store worth of toys, most of which we haven’t even opened yet. My fear is that he would just create piles of toy projects around the house, and be so overloaded that he wouldn’t actually play with any one thing.

One of the toys he got was a Thomas the train set. Battery powered Thomas, with a planned layout for how you build the tracks, but the pieces allow you to build pretty much whatever you want, in whatever form, limited only by the number of pieces that you have.  Realizing quickly that we need more pieces (Ok, mabee *I* wanted more pieces)  I made a random search on craigslist, and found someone cleaning out a group of about 8 Thomas the train sets of parts.   After a bleach washing of all the parts, I put them all out on tables to see what we had ended up with.

When Charles sees this, hes gonna crap his pullup.


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