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The Cesspool that is craigslist.com

From http://www.wftv.com/news/14272183/detail.html?rss=orlc&psp=news

A gated neighborhood in Longwood provided little security to a single woman who was tied up and robbed at gunpoint in her own home. It happened inside the Longwood Club subdivision off Rangeline Road.

The woman was advertising a room for rent on the popular website CraigsList. Police don’t know for sure if that’s what convinced two men to break into her house through an unlocked back door, but it’s now obvious the gates didn’t do much to keep the bad guys out.”Basically, I saw my life come before me,” said the victim, who does not want to be identified by name.She said her nightmare began soon after she turned out the lights and got into bed Wednesday night.”There was somebody standing in the hallway to the bedroom,” she said. “They told me to get on my bed face down and they tied up my hands behind me and tied my feet to my hands and put a blanket over my head.”She said two men with guns spent nearly an hour going through her house, at times coming back to beat her with their weapons, demanding more.”And they would say things like, “Shut up or I’ll go shoot one of your dogs,'” she said.The dogs were among pictures she posted on a CraigsList web page offering a room for rent, $700 a month in a gated community that now seems not so protected.Police said gates with no guards give nothing but a false sense of security. Anyone can sit and wait for an opportunity to get in.Police said the same men may have also broken into three unlocked cars and stole a pickup nearby. The home invasion victim said getting over what happened won’t be easy.”I don’t know how I’ll feel at night when I have to turn off the lights,” she said.Police said the woman had another ad on CraigsList for a special piece of jewelry stolen in Wednesday night’s robbery. They don’t have a good description of the suspects, but they are looking for the stolen blue Toyota pickup truck and an older black Ford van with no windows on the sides.


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