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My WDTV Hacking project.


A lot has changed just in the past 30 days on this project.  I’m running on the B-Rad fork of this, and currently my WDTV has:

Ethernet via a wii usb net adaptor, and thus it has IP.


FTP Server




It can also now mount CIFS or NFS shares for streaming goodness

Rss Feed reader scrolls across the bottom

Weather widget (for 5 day weather and temp high low)

Quick and dirty instructions

  • Copy files to root of thumb drive
  • plug thumb drive in
  • plug network adaptor in
  • boot
  • finds new firmware
  • install
  • reboots
  • note IP address on boot. (it will do strange things during its first boot)
  • http://ip address/osd/weather
  • Put in city and F
  • save
  • note cron error
  • click to install cron
  • http://ip address/osd/rss
  • change rss feed
  • http://ip address
  • shares
  • cifs shares
  • enter share info
  • Done
  • Seems as though you need to leave these files in the root of an attached thumb/hd, otherwise it cant run the webserver/etc I just have a 1 gig thumb drive connected, but i’ve also putthe files on the hd that was attached.

You can find my archive at http://www.robpatton.com/wdtv/WDTVFiles.zip

I’ve also realized tonight, that this thing can play an .iso image of a dvd as well as a .mt2s (direct rip of a BD), an .mt, and mkv, divx, mpg1,2,4, h264, etc etc etc.  I’m not sure what it CANT play, but I’m looking..


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