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Loki Patton

It was 1991 when I first met her.  She was a beautiful black kitten.  Soft and full of energy, like kittens often are.  Many times I would go to visit her, often times I’d bring her home with me, leaving a note “Hey, I borrowed your cat”.

With a strange turn of events, Loki became mine.  She was my constant companion from the days I had nothing, living in a little trailer in Mt. Dora through various improvements in my life.  She would wait for me while I traveled, and welcome me home when I returned.  She asked nothing from me except some food, and love. 

She endured 6 moves, various small children, roommates, a wife, and even a dog.

For 17 years she was with me, asking for nothing but love.


This week was hard for her.  I could only love her enough to let her go.

Loki Patton

2001-July 24, 2008





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