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It was about time, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio police say that a 72 year old man was driving down the road at 6 PM on Saturday, when 24 year old Phillip Anderson cut him off.  Anderson is alleged to have then jumped out of his car and pointed an AK-47 at the elderly man, saying “give me all you got.”  The 72 year old robber victim, who had a concealed carry permit, is said to have pulled out his own handgun and shot Anderson in self defense.  Anderson, who survived, faces aggravated robbery charges.  The 72 year old concealed carry permit holder was unharmed, and will not face charges for defending himself.

Few unarmed senior citizens can fight off a younger, stronger, and faster attacker – even if that attacker is unarmed.  When those criminals are armed (which is often the case, since criminals ignore gun control laws), elderly victims are at an even greater disadvantage.  The result is often terrible for that senior citizen, as well as their loved ones.

Armed senior citizens, on the other hand, have the best possible chance of defending themselves against attack by criminals.  This armed 85 year old woman held a home invader at gunpoint, and made him call the police on himself.  This armed 93 year old man shot a home invader in self defense after the home invader began to attack him.  This armed 70 year old woman held an intruder at gunpoint until the police arrived to arrest him.  This armed 91 year old man used his handgun to fend off two home invader who had broken in and threatened his wheelchair-bound wife with their guns.  This armed 84 year old man used his handgun to stop a criminal who repeatedly tried to enter his home through the front door, back door, and a window.  I could go on with more examples, but the point should be clear: gun ownership saves lives every day and allows crime victims stop even the strongest of criminals.


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