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Changes to the solar.

Since I moved to the new house, I took all my solar stuff down, all that is left is some conduit, and a few other things that make holes in the roof.  I’ll remove these when I’m ready to put a new roof on, later this year.


I’d like to avoid mounting panels on the house, this time.  First of all I have plenty of space, so I shouldn’t have to, second, the roof has a much steeper angle, and will make work much harder, and the panels less efficient.  Third, I think it will look better not having panels obvious from the street.  For these reasons I am looking into ground mounting panels.   Examples:


This will make placement much easier, and maintenance much easier. They will also run cooler as they wont be attached to a hot roof.  Now just to see how hard this will be to get drawn, approved, and purchased.


I'm kind of a big deal.

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