MiSTer FPGA Mac Address change

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I usually like to build two of everything. It nice to have 2, and it helps in trying to diagnose a problem. So, as usual, I built two MiSTer kits. But noticed that I couldnt have two on the network at the same time.

Turns out the default Mac Address for EVERY MiSTer is 02:03:04:05:06:07, which is a problem if you have more than one.

To fix that:

From the serial console, (USB cable from usb mini, to pc, load terminal program – https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki/Console-connection ) enter the u-boot command line (keep ESC in console while booting MiSTer)

in command line enter:

setenv ethaddr 02:03:04:05:06:08


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