I still don’t miss him.

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Some of you will get a laugh out of this.   Looking back through emails from the past, I stumbled upon an email that we all got a laugh about…  One of the early on hires at Voxeo, didn’t really fit in with our corporate culture, and he was sure everything we were doing was wrong.  Finally, we were freed from him, and this is a personal email he sent to myself, the CEO, and another employee.  Good stuff.  We had about 1/2 day of laugh from this one.  Those that know him, will laugh remembering.

From SMFeiner@aol.com

To rob@robpatton.com

Dear Rob. You are most welcome. As I do not remember uttering any kind words to your face, but only civil, professional interaction, always with tension and undisguised mistrust.

In any event, there is truly justice in the universe and people eventually do get what they deserve. Running a business is not a social event, as will continue to be evident. Anyway, with luck our paths will not cross again.

And I do agree Carlos is GOLD!


He went on publicly to talk about how Voxeo would be out of business in 3 months, and he would get the last laugh.  Well, its been 7 years and 3 months.  He must have meant 8 years and 3 months.  That must be it.

Who is to be blamed for this?  Higgins!


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