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Its been MANY weeks since I have been out to the local field to fly.   Got there just after 7 on a cold, 55degree morning, blue skies.  Took this pic before my first flight of the day.


Eflite Cessna150 6 cell 5000


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One big thing for me at  is the shopping for games.  Homebrew, new in box, etc.  To be ready for that, I’ve started (to late most likely) on the project of getting an accurate inventory of what I have.  I’ve tried this before, but it always gets out of date.

This year I purchased a full copy of  to help with this task.   It does a lot of the work for me, though its not good with homebrew stuff.    My final inventory list can be found at

Starting bin of Jaguar stuff:

Bin of Jaguar Stuff

Many of the homebrew titles required some scanning to add.