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   Posted by: RobPatton   in Rants

So we all love ebay, but it sure does have its problems. Recently, I won an item on ebay (car parts), and after 2 MONTHS of trying to contact the user, without much reply, I gave up and posted negative feedback. Three days later “brentfromkent” posted negative feedback on me. “leaves neg feedback after telling him i had a death in family”

1. I was NEVER told he had a death in the family. I feel his pain if he has, but he has failed to mention this to me.

2. He has recovered from this ordeal nicely, and has again been buying and selling things on ebay just like before, he just doesn’t want to keep his end of the agreement and complete this sale.

So what options do I have?

Send a letter to ebay:

I won auction 170176235962
I spent a couple weeks attempting to contact the seller, got a reply that he would get back to me. Nothing
I spent another week trying to contact the seller. Nothing
Requested contact info from the ebay system.
The info listed was fake (999)999-9999
I filed a complaint with ebay
Sent another round of attempts to contact. NOTHING
Waited a week
Requested contact info from the ebay system.
The name and phone were changed. The name was (I assume) correct, but the phone number was disconnected.
I filed a complaint with ebay
Sent another round of attempts to contact. NOTHING
Waited a week
Its now been more than 60 days, and I notice the seller is back listing, selling, and shipping items. Just not to me.
Left no other option, I negative feedback him, which I feel is fully justified.
He negative feedbacks me back.

So, without any wrongdoing on my part, I’m gifted with a black eye in feedback, and this guy goes back to selling items as if my agreement never happened.

As you will be able to tell by looking at my account, I’ve been using ebay for more than 10 years. Today I look to support at ebay to tell me how to fix this.

Per the ebay bidding page:
You are agreeing to a contract — You will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller if you’re the winning bidder. You are responsible for reading the full item listing, including the seller’s instructions and accepted payment methods. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.

This seller is in default of this agreement. The seller has failed to list any correct contact info, and ebay has let him continue to sell in this manor. And now I’ve been harmed as a result.

Please let me know how we can correct this mistake and remove this negative from my account.

Go after this user in federal court, for defaulting on a contract, and the harm to my name with false negative feedback.

I’m going to give it a day, then I’m just willing to spend the money to go this route. It also doesn’t hurt to have a wife thats an attorney admitted to practice law in federal court.